there is the theory of the mobius... (themobius) wrote,
there is the theory of the mobius...

Playlist :: March 22, 2017

Speedy J :: Scare Tactics
The Orb :: Cool Harbor
Kettel :: Mannschaft
Cristian Vogel :: Absolute Time
M‡яc▲ll▲ :: FACETED

PIVOTAL :: Club Resurrection
_Belladonna :: we dont live in the same world, we dont live on the same planet
autophobia :: dear future [mandrake mix]
Lido :: Murder (Alexander Lewis & Y2K Remix)
autophobia :: ARtCoL5 [WIP Edition]
OverCoat :: The Shinen
PeriKardium :: B R E A T H (w/ SoundPatrol)
2econd Class Citizen :: Liberated Lady (Buddy Peace Remix)
Wolfgun :: Xanadu
FVLCRVM :: Afterburner (Shake It Maschine Remix)
Starscream :: Galeforce
Pure Reason Revolution :: Black Mourning

thanks for listening.
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