there is the theory of the mobius... (themobius) wrote,
there is the theory of the mobius...

Playlist :: February 22, 2017

Listen to this week's archive. Playlist rolls over every week.

The Set

Lusine :: The Level
Binx. :: Habitat
Øfdream :: Indicate
haven :: If You Leave
Trash Lord :: Hexagram

Foxwedding :: Hell of a Thing
CVRL :: Skin Tight
Tokyo Vice :: Switching Sides
drip-133 & hnrk :: tame-shard
Brothel x Sidewalks and Skeletons :: Desolate
Sorsari :: Children of Gaia
PVNDV :: I Shouldn't Be Here
Gaszia :: Lost
Kamandi and POLO :: ☉
VAPERROR :: inspire.wav
Weaver Beats :: Conscience
grayera :: departing w/ machinesix
TRIAD$ :: Dark (ft. Madbliss)
bow church :: Resurrection
Disasterpeace :: Synchrosynct
Tybre :: Hardcastle

thanks for listening.
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