there is the theory of the mobius... (themobius) wrote,
there is the theory of the mobius...

Playlist :: December 14, 2016

Listen to this week's archive. Playlist rolls over every week.

The Set

µ-Ziq :: Brace Yourself Jason
Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan :: Song of the Second Moon [Milan - massive apollo remix]
Kohta Takahashi :: Select
Ken Nakagawa, Daisuke Achiwa and Akira Tsuchiya :: Flower Pattern ~existance~
GUNSLINGER-R :: Earache Cake
GUNSLINGER-R :: Paranoia 9
Dissecting Table :: Camouflage
SebastiAn - H.A.L.
Sterilizer :: Humanity

Eiko Shimamiya :: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Sublimity Mix)
PsyKosyS :: I am Alive
IAYD :: Like A Phoenix
Analog Staple :: CIRCLONT85 (gnorcbonkus mix)
Analog Staple :: SYRO z432q55+n (endofallluminescence mix)
µ-Ziq :: My Little Beautiful
Wagon Christ :: Bend Over
Aphex Twin :: On
Autechre :: Basscadet
Squarepusher :: Dark Steering
Jega :: Geometry

thanks for listening.
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