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Playlist :: October 31, 2012 - The Mobius on WREK Atlanta 91.1fm

About Playlist :: October 31, 2012

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Listen to this week's archive! Playlist rolls over every week.


Tonight is a special night.  Each hour is curated by a hand picked master of the fear.
Sit back, curdle your blood, scare your trick or treaters, and enjoy our special

Hour 1, curated by Jesse Turner

01. burzum 'dunkelheit'
02. coil 'red skeletons'
03. brighter death now 'necrose evangelicum'
04. pan sonic 'vaihtovirta'
05. scorn 'take someones eye out'
06. oOoOO 'Sedsumting'
07. muslimgauze 'abu nidal'
08. non 'back to mono'
09. mercydesign 'lady in the radiator'
10. coil 'solar lodge'
11. humanbeast 'faggots ball'
12. christoph de babalon 'charybdis'
13. raime 'you will lift your frame clear'
14. the haxan cloak 'the growing'
15. techno animal 'blood money'
16. skinny puppy 'fritter (stella's home)'
17. cold cave 'sex ads'
18. wold 'annex axe'

Hour 2, curated by Andrij Kopytko

0:00 Arzachel "Queen St. Gang"
2:36 Nurse With Wound "Untitled (track 1 from 'Rat Tapes One')"
5:07 T.A.G.C. "Pre-Eval"
7:21 David Lynch & Alan R. Splet "Pete's Boogie"
9:13 Horrific Child "H.I.A."
10:48 Third Eye Foundation "Dreams On His Fingers"
13:02 Horrific Child "H.I.A." (reprise)
13:47 The Shadow Ring "Scratches"
17:27 Liable "Churches & Minerals"
19:19 excerpt from E. Elias Merhige's "Begotten"
20:34 Jana Winderen "The Noisiest Guys On The Planet"
20:48 Coil "Boy In A Suitcase (full version)"
24:51 Sickness of Snakes "The Pope Held Upside Down (demo)"
25:06 Josh Lay "Dead Kentucky"
28:58 Neuntöter Der Plage "Defecated Bones"
31:48 Umberto "Final Exit"
34:04 Scurshahor "Malicious Resplendence"
35:27 Gnaw Their Tongues "My Orifices Await Ravaging"
37:01 dialog from "Burial Ground"
38:11 Xela "Cemetary Mane"
40:52 Aaron Dilloway & C. Spencer Yeh "Ahab"
42:25 Disjecta "Gammi"
46:06 Gianni Rossi "Murder"
48:35 Benestrophe "Pig Butcher"
50:33 excerpt from Andrea Bianchi's "Burial Ground"
51:14 Andrij Kopytko "Dante"
55:42 Foetus Interruptus "Fin"
56:22 Ministry "Everyday Is Halloween"
58:50 Tony Newman "Soul Thing"
60:18 "The Stuff" jingle

thanks for listening.
where time becomes a loop
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