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June 18th, 2014 - The Mobius on WREK Atlanta 91.1fm

About June 18th, 2014

08:59 pm
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The Set

We got a special treat today!
This is probably the closest the world will get to a proper new Aphex Twin release.

Back in 1996, Richard D. James made a record for his friends under his Caustic WIndow moniker.
For whatever reason, it was never released to the public.

The "we are the music makers" forum (watmm.org) got a hold of the test pressing, and held a Kickstarter.
It was funded, and now we have the "Caustic Window LP" in our grubby little hands.

Tonight, we're playing the whole thing.

Caustic Window LP
  flutey a1
  stomper 101mod detunekik a2
  mumbly b1
  popeye b2
  fingertrips b3
  revpok b4
  afx tribal kik b5
  airflow c1
  squidge in the fridge c2
  fingry c3
  jazzphase c4
  101 rainbows ambient mix g1
  phlaps g2
  cunt g3
  phone pranks g4,5

Wave Racer :: Streamers
Janet Jackson :: If (Kaytranada Remix)
20syl :: Ongoing Thing (instrumental)
Machinedrum :: Want Me
Venetian Snares :: My Love is a Bulldozer
Aleksi Perälä :: The Message
Quarta 330 :: Hanabi
Champion :: Bowsers Castle

thanks for listening
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