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Playlist :: March 12, 2014 Mar. 12th, 2014 @ 08:57 pm
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The Set

Sylvan Esso :: Coffee
Bobby Tank :: Glass Moon
Clark :: Riff Through The Fog
Keith303 :: Sulphate Supremacy
Aphex Twin :: Analog Bubblebath 1
Surface 10 :: Dawn/Bleep/Dusk
George Sarah :: The Star We Spin Around
SBTRKT :: Hold the Line
Phylum Sinter :: Everybody Made Me
Otto Von Schirach :: The Blob
Pennybirdrabbit :: Maybe
Elias Linn :: Hellersdorf (YTAC 01 Mix)

Jingai :: Equator
Goodiepal :: Lick Lick Flick Flick
Foreign Affair :: Ghosts Can't Run Away
Surgeon :: Remover of Darkness
Surgeon :: The Power of Doubt
Datassette :: Cagney XOR Lacey (Pt. 1)
Anodyne :: Unified Field Theory
Throwing Snow :: Un Vingt
Hologram :: Prometheus Rising
Machinedrum :: No Respect

thanks for listening.
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