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Playlist :: March 5, 2014 Mar. 5th, 2014 @ 08:58 pm
Listen to this week's archive.  Playlist rolls over every week.

The Set

Sharaab joins us!

Sharaab :: Yantra Force
Sharaab :: Fake Love
Sharaab :: Wasteland
Sharaab :: Fake Love (Spectik Remix)
Sharaab :: Wasteland (Jamal Rusk Remix)
ODESZA :: Sun Models (ft. Madelyn Grant)
Henry Homesweet :: Track to the Sound

Henry Homesweet :: Luke's Atari
Sharaab :: God of Biomechanics
Holly Herndon :: Chorus
Ken Ishii :: Extra
Special Request :: Body Armour
Totakeke :: Carrier Signal
Totakeke :: Pull the Plug
cTrix :: DX Heaven
Seafloor :: Somadose
Holly Herndon :: Fade

thanks for listening.
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