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Playlist :: January 1, 2014

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Happy new year, everyone!

The Set

Com Truise :: Declination
Cabaret Voltaire :: Do Right
Cathedrals :: Discordance
Holy Other :: Touch
Crystal Castles :: Sad Eyes (Huoratron remix)
Mustapha Mond :: The Devil's Hand
Gaszia :: Lost
XED :: Shai's Anthem
Unicorn Kid :: Boys of Paradise
Leila Arab :: Mollie
Lorn :: Debris

The JAMs :: It's Grim Up North (Part 1)
cEvin Key :: Frozen Sky
Skinny Puppy :: Goneja
Skinny Puppy :: Rodent (Ken 'hiwatt' Marshal remix)
Kettel :: Twinkle Twinkle
Gescom :: Sciew Spoc
Underworld :: Pearl's Girl
Special Request :: Body Armor

thanks for listening.
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