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Playlist :: November 20, 2013 Nov. 20th, 2013 @ 08:59 pm
Listen to this week's archive.  Playlist rolls over every week.

The Set

Toro Y Moi :: Campo
Bunnies :: I'm The Freak
Global Communication :: 4:14
Millionyoung :: Replicants
Jimmy Edgar :: Hot Raw Sex
Distal :: Kerplunk
Nosaj Thing :: Caves
DMX Krew :: You Can't Hide Your Love (Hidden Love Mix by Aphex Twin)
Kinesthesia :: Triachus
Kid606 :: Night Club vs Book Club
Mr. 76ix :: Other (Acid Reflux Mix)
Knifehandchop :: Goin Back To Scarborough

Last Step :: Xyrem
Goth-Trad :: Man in the Maze
Zwischenwelt :: Diapsiquia
Blectum from Blechdom :: Mummy Secret Storage
Daedelus :: LA Nocturne
Syntheme :: Red
VHS Head :: Death Dimension
Kona Triangle :: Fresh Flowers Ahead
Quinoline Yellow :: Lags Domotags
AFX & Squarepusher :: Freeman, Hardy & Willis Acid
Brokenchord :: A Girl Of 13 Summers

thanks for listening.
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