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Playlist :: November 13, 2013 Nov. 13th, 2013 @ 08:43 pm
Listen to this week's archive.  Playlist rolls over every week.

The Set

MetroGnome :: Breaking Bad
Chrissy Murderbot :: Pew Pew
Mkaio :: Naked in the Moonlight
Jules Levine :: Wake
Ellen Allien :: Gate of Light
Dillon & Telefon Tel Aviv :: Feel the Fall
Eating Snow :: Siamese Twins by Choice
Joy Wellboy :: The Movement Song
Jahcoozi :: Rainbow
Mr. Statik :: Lighthouse
Death Grips :: Guillotine (Subjex remix)
Takeshi Muto and Tomoroh Hidari :: Vienna Mood Tits Touched

Funckarma and Subp Yao :: Sickness
R_Garcia :: 1.21 Gigarox
Electrocado :: Salami Wrapped Kransky
Skinny Puppy :: Solvent
Mind Tiger :: Slowerish
Download :: Yoni
Dubcon :: Moment in Space
Dubmood :: Mi Anderoid (MisfitChris remix)
Velapene Screen :: I Can't Get Like That
Velapene Screen :: Swordy Situation
Tycho :: Daydream
The Gasman :: Jab
Ital Tek :: Deep Pools

thanks for listening.
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