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SPOOKY Playlist :: October 30, 2013 MUAHAHAHAHAHA - The Mobius on WREK Atlanta 91.1fm

About SPOOKY Playlist :: October 30, 2013 MUAHAHAHAHAHA

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The Set

Ministry :: Everyday is Halloween
Foetus :: I'll Meet You in Poland, Baby
The Bug :: Angry
Orbital :: New France
The Tear Garden :: Sheila Liked the Rodeo
Ministry :: Hizbollah
Milanese :: Mr. Bad News (Clark remix)
Coil :: Things Happen

drij :: Halloween 2013 mix ::

Following in the footsteps of last year's debut mix, I felt the unholy need to dish up another hour of deathly drones and murderous melodies.

Length: 66m6s

Tracks (times approximate):
00:00 Intro
00:34 Current 93 "Ach Golgotha: The Mystical Body Of Christ In Chorazaim (Excerpt)"
01:56 excerpt from 'Alison's Birthday'
03:10 Fantom Auditory Operations ~ Michael Esposito "Child Witch And The Watcher"
04:29 Download "Trick-or-Treat"
06:51 Blue Sabbath Black Cheer & irr.app.(ext.) "Brennschluss --> Extinction"
09:44 Author & Punisher "Sand, Wind And Carcass"
15:11 excerpt from 'Tetsuo: The Iron Man'
16:07 Dissecting Table "Least Mean Square Algorithm For Personality Alteration"
17:24 M Ax Noi Mach "Creeper"
19:31 Vertonen "11° 22.4'N 142° 35.5'E""
20:45 Jack Dangers "Epipelagic Zone"
23:43 another excerpt from 'Tetsuo: The Iron Man'
24:39 Aphex Twin "Ventolin (Praze-An-Beeble Mix)"
26:46 further excerpts from 'Tetsuo: The Iron Man'
28:05 Yoga "Open Sesame"
28:59 Green Velvet "The Stalker"
33:05 At Jennie Richie "Ground-Bass (For M.Waldrone)"
35:21 Martin Franklin & Michael Northam ‎"An Opening Of The Earth: Recovered, Tape 1 Pt.2"
35:58 Hoor-paar-Kraat "Gnomes"
37:44 The Shadow Ring "Man On The Land"
42:25 Hum of the Druid "Braided Industry"
43:05 Skinny Puppy "Fritter (Stella's Home)"
46:36 The Marshmallow Ghosts "Shrieks"
51:13 excerpt from 'Spasmo'
52:14 excerpt from 'Tombs of the Blind Dead'
54:49 excerpt from 'The Last House on Dead End Street'
54:57 Xander Harris "The Hungry Moon"
60:29 Navicon Torture Technologies "The First Broken Heart"
60:59 Andrzej Korzynski "Kreuzberg 1"
62:34 John Carpenter "Main Theme From 'Halloween'"
66:06 End

Many thanks to all the artists whose music I've abused to callously. Shout out to Threv for making last year's mix possible.

thanks for listening.
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