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Playlist :: October 23, 2013 Oct. 23rd, 2013 @ 09:00 pm
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The Set

Aphex Twin :: Digeridoo
Gingy :: Swagger
Gargattarax Llany :: Punch Drummer
Bagman :: Warp
Miles Tilmann :: Unfold
Blamstrain :: Alive in Arms (Syndrone Remix)
Anders Ilar :: Downhill
Steinvord :: Iyff Acid E1
Lackluster :: In Passing

Cylob :: Cut the Midrange, Drop the Bass
Dino Felipe :: Rec My PC
o9 :: Seven Milliseconds
Ochre :: David Elsewhere
Ilkae :: The Lockpick Almanac
Proem :: Socially Inept
Plug :: A Quick Plug for a New Slot
Astrobotnia :: Everyone
Ovuca :: Afternoon Girl
Plaid :: Missing
Photodementia :: Refractivation
Global Goon :: Afterlife
deepchord :: "01​/​06" [ cv313 rework I ]

thanks for listening.
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