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Playlist :: June 5, 2013 Jun. 5th, 2013 @ 08:59 pm

Listen to this week's archive.  Playlist rolls over every week.

The Set

robag wruhme :: donnerkuppel
vitalic :: poison lips
troller :: tiger
nova spire :: 303 symphony
evil mothers :: i like fur (kmfdm remix)
tim exile :: youtube killed the now wave star
deru :: i want
tonikom :: the gesture
starkey :: miracles
trash80 :: icarus
susumu hirasawa :: the girl in byakkoya
leila arab :: lush dolphins

demdike stare :: collision
snog :: the human germ
skinny puppy :: worlock
clark :: growls garden
the knife :: heartbeats
coil :: things happen
not breathing :: melloncholie battlecat
scorn :: table or charges
larvae :: exit strategy
beefcake :: ego-23
roel funcken :: daze flextone
modeselektor :: maik the chicken
access to arasaka :: ixion geosynchron

thanks for listening.
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