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Playlist :: May 15, 2013 May. 15th, 2013 @ 08:59 pm

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The Set
guest curator:  signifier

Hour 1:  Freestyle + Bass
01) stevie b "spring love"
02) shannon "let the music play"
03) george lamond "bad of the heart"
04) linear "sending all my love"
05) cynthia & johnny o "dreamboy dreamgirl"
06) nice & wild "diamond girl"
07) stacey q "two of hearts"
08) freestyle "don't stop the rock"
09) egyptian lover "i cry"
10) miami bass warriors "bro that chicks a basser"
11) l'trimm "cars with the boom"
12) dimples tee "jealous fellas"
13) dj laz "oye morena"
14) felix sama "pabajo"

Hour 2:  Italo
01) giorgio moroder "chase" (theme from midnight express)
02) hypnosis "droid" (original mix)
03) the immortals "ultimate warlord" (12" remix)
04) gino soccio "remember"
05) yello "lost again" (extended version)
06) my mine "hypnotic tango"
07) lime "wake dream" (remix)
08) fun fun "happy station" (scratch mix)
09) laura branigan "self control"
10) neon workout & hr "running in the night"
11) valerie dore "the night"
12) skatt bros "walk the night"

thanks for listening.
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