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Playlist :: April 17, 2013 Apr. 17th, 2013 @ 09:00 pm

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Been a while... Glad to be back.

The Set

Velvet Acid Christ :: We Have To See We Have To Know
ithaca audio :: Game Theory
DEUX :: Paris Orly
Purple Motion :: Starshine
Transformer di Roboter :: Stranger in Moscow
Alt-J :: Breezeblocks (Romare R∆mix)
Front Line Assembly :: Vigilante
Individual Totem :: Lost Station
Black Lung :: The More Confusion, The More Profit (Deviant Creation)
CoLD SToRAGE :: Body Plus

Atom TM :: I Love U (Like I Love My Drum Machine)
Senor Coconut :: Showroom Dummies
Christophe de Babalon :: Dark Forces
Space Dimension Controller :: Welcome to Mikrosector-50
KMFDM :: Help Us Save Us Take Us Away
Meat Beat Manifesto :: RETURN TO BASS
Cyberaktif :: Nothing Stays (Witch House remix)
Neil Davidge :: Nemesis
pietepiet :: aqua lake zone
Skinny Puppy :: Smothered Hope
Skinny Puppy :: Rodent (Ken Marshall DDT mix)
The Knife :: We Share Our Mothers Health (Trentemoller Remix)
Dave Monolith :: Covoder
Black Lung :: Domint
thanks for listening.

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