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Playlist :: December 12, 2012 Dec. 12th, 2012 @ 08:59 pm

Listen to this week's archive! Playlist rolls over every week.

The Set

M83 :: Midnight City
Unicorn Kid :: Feel So Real
Bro Safari & UFO! :: 2012
Ceephax Acid Crew :: Capsule In Space
ADULT. :: Hand To Phone
Loose Shus :: Red Sonja
Neon Workout :: Running In The Night
Chris Jarvis :: Northern Sky
Ruddyp :: Maybe
Aleksi Perala :: Hyperwave
Daedelus :: 2 plus 2 (featuring Zackey Force Funk)
Not Breathing :: What's Your Mom Wearin'
Jimmy Myhrman :: Analog Four Jam
R_Garcia :: Starbreeze Blues
Little Dragon :: Sunshine (Schlomo remix)
Enya :: Aniron (PURPLE remix)
Two Fingers :: Razorback (Posij remix)
Caster :: Wayward Youth
Coach Bagg :: oOoOO
Jesse Turner :: l-system tintinnabulation
Slugabed :: Unicorn Suplex
R_Garcia :: Elwood Crabtree

thanks for listening.
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